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Amplify the stickiness, reach and impact of your media properties and products.  

As an educational media and digital media consultant, I approach each project as a thought partner, strategist, and facilitator. I start with a consultation for us to scope the project together. I can come in at the beginning of a project and work with you on each step or join you and your team at any step along the way. 

I help my clients: 

1. infuse engagement, interactivity and fun into making educational programming

2. make media properties “must see” and often visited by their target audience

3. identify core creative and learning goals and challenges, and then facilitate the crafting of a solid creative and educational approach

4. unpack a product and find the creative elements that will work effectively across platforms, then help determine which to keep and amplify for the user experience.  

Make educational media interactive and fun

Brainstorm creative concepts and road maps

Tell your story using multiple media platforms 

I act as a neutral advisor whose stake is in solving the problem. I bring an outsider’s perspective along with my wealth of experience and expertise in children’s media production and digital media design.  

I also advise and coach creative leaders through the development, production and go-to-market process.

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